Wildlife in the City Videos

Running time 3.53 min

How important is wildlife to you?

How important is wildlife to you? In today's modern society, some people have become disconnected from the natural environment. We ask local people in Nottinghamshire what wildlife means to them!

Running time 2.28 min

Breck’s Plantation

Breck’s Plantation is an urban woodland in Clifton. It is home to many different of types of trees which were intentionally planted over 100 years ago. The site covers almost 2.5 hectares and provides valuable habitat for wildlife, including woodpeckers and wood mice.

Running time 1.42 min

Kingfisher at Fairham Brook

This wonderful video captures the beauty and grace of the mighty kingfisher, taken at Fairham Brook Nature Reserve, Clifton, Nottingham - one of over 70 reserves managed by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. Find out more www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org

Running time 12.33 min

Peregrine cam 2012

Footage taken on Valentine's Day 2012 - the day our Peregrine webcam went live! Footage courtesy of Nottingham Trent University. Watch Peregrine Cam Live NOW (24hrs, between February and June 2012) Visit www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/peregrinecam

Running time 7.47 min

The Peregrine

An an edited version of a wonderful cine film made by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust member Ralph Paulger in the 1970s. It gives a fascinating insight into the life of the majestic peregrine falcon and provides a fascinating contrast with the footage we have from the HD webcams on the nest in Nottingham today.

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