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Fascinating Fact about Create your own mini-meadow

Over the last 50 years Britain has lost around 98% of its wildflower meadows but with your help we can create new spaces for the wonderful creatures that rely on this threatened habitat for their survival.

All about Create your own mini-meadow

There are 3 ways you can do this in your own garden:

  • 1. Create a new meadow area from scratch on a patch of bare soil
  • 2. Sow your seeds in pots or containers such as window boxes
  • 3. Use your seeds to enhance an existing lawn area

Option 1.Creating a Mini Meadow from scratch

To give your Mini Meadow seeds the best possible chance of success, create a brand new Mini Meadow on an area of bare soil approximately 1m x 1m – ideally somewhere not too wet or shady. 

  • Step 1: Preparing the ground

Good ground preparation is essential for success. Many types of wild flower and delicate wild grasses struggle to compete with other stronger grasses and common ‘weeds’. By removing the top 5 - 10cm of soil you can help reduce the fertility of your soil and give your seeds a better chance to thrive.
Then lightly rake and tap down the soil, creating a firm surface on which to sow the seeds.

  • Step 2: Sowing the Seeds

Sprinkle your Mini Meadow seeds thinly over the ground – you might find it easier to do this if you mix the seeds with a little fine sand. Once you’ve sown the seeds, carefully water the area.
You can sow your seeds in the spring or autumn. If you sow in the spring, some seeds will grow quickly whilst others will take a little longer. Some seeds will benefit from a period of cold during the winter and appear the following spring. Mini Meadow seeds sown in the autumn should sprout the following spring.

Option 2. Creating a Mini Meadow in pots or containers

If you don’t have any space to grow your Mini Meadow in the ground, why not sow your seeds in several pots or containers such as window boxes?
Fill the containers with peat-free compost and sprinkle the seeds thinly over the surface.
Water carefully and make sure the pots don’t get too dry in hot weather.

Option 3. Creating a Mini Meadow in a lawn

Planting your wildflower seeds in a grassy area of your garden is a great way to add a splash of colour to your lawn.
Simply scattering seed over the grass might not be very successful as wildflowers need gaps to flourish.
To help, rake over an area of lawn to create gaps in the turf so the seeds can reach the soil.
Or for even better results remove a square of turf 1m x 1m - then rake over and sow your seeds as directed above.

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