Urban Wildlife - Common Toad

Common toad (Bufo bufo) © Sean Browne

Fascinating Fact about Common Toad

Toads are one of our most familiar amphibians, but have declined in numbers due to several causes; many of their usual breeding sites are disappearing as ponds become fi lled in or polluted because of housing development or intensive agriculture. Large numbers of toads are also dying on the roads, especially as they make their way to their breeding sites in spring.

All about Common Toad

What to look for

Although quite similar to frogs, toads grow larger, up to 15 cm long, and appear more flattened than the frog. They also have a bumpy, or warty skin.

When and Where to see

During the breeding season, toads can be found in very similar areas to frogs in almost any standing body of water, from ponds to ditches and lakes. However, at other times of year toads can be found on land in damp areas, particularly wet woodlands. Once a year, toads congregate to breed in ponds, frequently forming colonies of over a thousand; these are very easy to

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