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Get involved with Nottingham City's wildlife!

There are loads of ways you can help nature in Nottingham, either on your own, with your family or as a group.  Perhaps you want to get your hands dirty and physically help wildlife on a nature reserve?  Perhaps you want to make something to make your own garden a little bit more wildlife friendly?  Maybe you want to learn more about our city wildlife?  Wildlife in the City has loads of ideas, and we believe there is something for everyone.

The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust City Local Group is always looking for new members, with opportunities for practical volunteers, campaigning, delivering activities, reviewing planning applications and much more.  Get in touch with us at nwtcitygroup@gmail.com

Attract wildlife to your garden

Whatever your garden is like, even if it is small or is mainly concrete, there are lots of ways you can make it wildlife friendly.

Some of the ideas, such as building a pond, or having a wildflower garden, can be beneficial if you grow vegetables as they attract frogs and birds that will eat garden pests. They can also be done in such a way that they are ornamental.

All our gardens are connected, and if even a small patch of each garden can be a ‘wildlife area’ then there will be a huge impact on urban wildlife.

You can find information on things to make in your own garden on our Urban Wildlife pages.

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There are lots of exciting opportunities to volunteer with Wildlife in the City – either across the city or specifically in your own local area.

Volunteers are a massive part of the Wildlife in the City project, and you can gain valuable skills and experience with us in a variety of roles you can:

  • help us care for green spaces with physical conservation tasks,
  • talking to local people at events,
  • work with young people, engaging them in wildlife themed activities,
  • become part of a Group which looks after their local green space.

We run regular monthly 'Wildlife in the City' conservation work days across the city on the first Saturday of each month.  For more information e-mail Martin and Simon on nwtcitygroup@gmail.com

There are both additional opportunities to volunteer with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, which occassionally includes the city, Lots of information can be found on the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust website here

Also Nottingham City Council Park Rangers have volunteer sessions every Wednesday at nature reserves in the city.

Email: parksandopenspaces@nottinghamcity.gov.uk


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Young volunteers

There are lots of oportunities across the city particularly aimed at young people,

  • 'Wildlife Watch' runs monthly sessions at Wollaton Park (and other places across the city for 8-12 year olds

Email: citywatch@nottswt.co.uk

Email: lbacon@nottswt.co.uk

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Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's wider work

We are part of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, and across the city and county there are countless ways to get involved with wildlife out in the field or from your living room!

More details on volunteering, 30 days wild, trainee schemes and events can all be found via the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust website, here

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Nottingham Open Spaces Forum

If you are already part of a group involved with parks, nature reserves, allotments or any other open or green space in the city, then contact NOSF (Nottingham Open Spaces Forum).  NOSF have regular meetings for support and networking, and are very active on Facebook, promoting all events are Nottingham City's parks and open spaces.

NOSF have their own website here

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