City Nature Challenge 2020

Send us your sightings of ANYTHING you see, from ladybirds to flowers, and frogs to trees, from 24-27 April 2020

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What’s happening with City Nature Challenge 2020

The City Local Group and Nottingham Urban Wildlife Scheme is leading the City Nature Challenge 2020 for Nottingham.

This takes place in 2 parts: April 24th to 27th - a variety of events and individual activities to record wild plants and animals April 28th to May 3rd - organising and verifying the records

There will be events happening all over Nottingham, keep checking our events page where we will add them as they are confirmed.

During the City Nature Challenge we will be using iNaturalist, a free app available for android and Apple devices. For more information visit the iNaturalist website where you will find details of all the City Nature Challenge events taking place across the world and lots of help and advice on using the app and the website.

Our project is the 'Nottingham City Nature Challenge 2020'

We suggest downloading the iNaturalist App now and practice recording wildlife around you. That way you will be ready to go on 24 April 2020.

If you don’t have access to a smart phone or tablet you can also get involved by writing down everything you see in your local park, nature reserve, greenspace, or garden!

You will need to let us know enough information so we can identify what you saw and where

What you saw: e.g. Waxwing

Where you saw it: e.g. Woodthorpe Park or behind BT offices Hucknall Road or give the postcode

When you saw it: Saturday 25 April 10 am

Any observations: Feeding in a group on rowan trees

All records will be collected and stored with our partners and where possible passed to the National Biodiversity Network to be recorded on the NBN Atlas. Your help in recording will inform our understanding of Nottingham City's wildlife.

We'll add some of the sightings from across the City Nature Challenge to this map during and after the challenge!

For any more information contact the Nottinghamshire Wildlife City Local group at

The City Nature Challenge is an international, annual event!

Wildlife in the City takes on the City Nature Challenge 2020

Get your notepad, perhaps a magnifying glass, or even a pair of binoculars.  We want to hear about every wildlife sighting (plants, trees, pondlife, birds, insects, moss ANYTHING) on the weekend of 24-27 April 2020.

City Nature Challenge 2020 Event

City Nature Challenge 2020 Event

30th Apr 2020

Across Nottingham we - with our friends and partners- will be leading walks, hosting activities and encouraging people to look in their backyard for all the birds, plants, and creepycrawlies they can find!

Full details are available on our wildlife sightings page, and events will be posted here as they are confirmed.

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