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Here are the sightings of butterflies from members of the public in ‘Butterfly Watch’.  Send in your sightings so we can add these too.

Orange tip image © Richard Rogers

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What’s happening with Butterfly Watch

One of the most beautiful things about summer arriving - sunny days and butterflies appearing in the sky!

There are many different types of butterflies found in the UK - about 60 species in fact (though this is compared to over 2,500 moths!).  Some of these butterflies are very familiar - such as the peacock and red admiral.  Perhaps you have noticed the bright yellow brimstone of the distinctive features of the orange-tip?!  Butterflies can be a really useful indicator of the type and health of habitats.   They also provide much pleasure to young and old alike, and if you start looking for how many species you can see- we are sure you will be impressed!

Different butterflies fly at different times throughout the summer - so it is something to start and keep going throughout. 

You may find that you also stumble across some day flying moths - some of which can, on first glance, appear to be butterflies because of their bright colours.  The cinnebar moth and burnet moths are good examples of this, which have stricking red and black patterns.

We are interested in what butterflies you have seen in the Nottingham City area.  Get out there and let us know what you find!

Mini Meadows Campaign

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Mini Meadows Campaign

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