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Seen a flock of unusual birds in Nottingham City? Seen an impressive wildflower?
Seen something for the first time in your area?

Tell us what mammals, insects, birds, trees and wildflowers you have seen in Nottingham City here. We will show as many on the website as we can.

Featured Sighting

Love Your Leen

Wildlife in the City wants to hear about any species you have seen along the city stretch (or nearby) on the River Leen - from the top of Bulwell, through Basford, Radford, Lenton and then joining the River Trent.

Other Sightings

Reptile Survey

Common Lizards, Slow Worms, Grass Snakes - all reptiles found in the Nottingham area.

We are appealing for sightings of all these creatures to find out more about where they are and help us in our conservation efforts as they are all rare in the area and our knowledge is really limited.

common lizard image © Amy Lewis

Raptor Watch

This month we are particularly interested in sightings of “Raptors” – birds of prey.  A few decades ago, most species of birds of prey were persecuted very badly and their numbers crashed.  However, recently, numbers have started doing well again, and different species are spreading across the country.  Raptor Watch is a chance for us to find how birds of prey are doing across Nottingham City!
Peregrine image © Sean Brown

Amphibian Watch!

Have you seen a frog toad or newt, maybe not the adults but spawn?  Let us know so we can see where these intriguing creatures live across the city!

Butterfly Watch

Here are the sightings of butterflies from members of the public in ‘Butterfly Watch’.  Send in your sightings so we can add these too.

Orange tip image © Richard Rogers

Send us your sighting

Send us details of any urban wildlife species you have seen in the Nottingham City area.

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Partners & Funders

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