Wildlife Trust waits for 1st peregrine chick with bated breath

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A screencap taken from the live webcam
A screencap taken from the live webcam

Staff and volunteers from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust are awaiting the arrival of the 1st peregrine chick of the season at a very famous peregrine nest. The trials and tribulations of a pair of peregrine falcons which have nested on top of Nottingham Trent University's Newton Building for well over a decade have become one of the highlights of the wildlife watching year in county. Thousands of people regularly tune in to watch a live video stream from cameras mounted close to the nest, including viewers from around the globe.

Speaking about the pending arrival, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's Head of Communications Erin McDaid said: "We are all very excitied as the chicks are due literally any time now. The 3rd egg was laid on the 18th March, closely followed by a fourth so we can definitely expect a chick to hatch in the next 48hours - probably sooner rather than later. Whilst everything seems to be going well this year, the ups and downs of the past few years mean that we are taking nothing for granted and we'll be keeping everything crossed until the chicks fledge in the summer."

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