Wildlife Meets Beer!

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Fresh air is all over Nottingham City
Fresh air is all over Nottingham City

This weekend sees one of Nottingham City's main events - the Robin Hood Beer Festival.

If you made it along you may have noticed a few badger T-shirts throughout the tents as volunteer promote our work and the annual raffle.

We have a few recommendations for those of you nursing sore heads...

#1 A breath of fresh air as hair of the dog! Drag yourself out of bed, pull on some clothes and get some fresh air in one of the many parks and nature reserves in the city.  Check out our Nottingham city map for details of what's near you...


#2 Join us in sharing your wild pictures at the Beer Fest, in the beautiful surroundings of Nottingham Castle, or beyond as you recover.  We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!




#3 Has the indulgence put on a few unwanted pounds? Join the Wildlife in the City conservation volunteers on the first Saturday of each month for some practical fitness while caring for some of our most urban reserves.


#4 Connect with like minded individuals as we launch our 'after work pub club'. The City Local group will be meeting and chatting about our local patch, plans and happenings, and you're welcome to join us.

#5 Check your pockets for forgotten raffle tickets and store safely wink

Join our mailing list to keep up to date with future events.  Enjoy the festival!

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