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Kyle at Moorbridge Pond - finds a newt in a bottle whilst volunteering with our Amphibian & Reptile Survey
Kyle at Moorbridge Pond - finds a newt in a bottle whilst volunteering with our Amphibian & Reptile Survey

Kyle Heesom is a local volunteer with a WILD story to tell. Here’s his blog about how his childhood growing up in Bulwell led him towards his life now - his passion for city wildlife and his grand plans for the future…

Nottingham Lad

My name is Kyle Heesom and I have lived in Bulwell, an urban town in Nottingham, all my life. Thanks to my Dad, growing up I have always had a keen interest in wildlife, as he used to take me out bird watching and fishing in the depths of the countryside where I could embrace the nature all around me.

Giving something back

I am currently studying a foundation degree in Environmental Conservation & Countryside Management at Nottingham Trent University Brackenhurst Campus. So, to help my studies and to gain experience I was delighted to find that there is a project called ‘Wildlife in the City’ run by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. What I find special about this project is that they are very active in my local area Bulwell; encompassing areas such as Bulwell Hall Park, Moorbridge Nature Reserve, Springfield Corner and the River Leen. As well as gaining experience I thought it would be a fantastic way for me to give something back to the nature of Bulwell that has always kept me inspired.

Bulwell's not bad!

Though Bulwell has had its fair share of bad publicity over the years, because of its poor unemployment, and was at one point known as a ‘ghost town’ for its shopping, I believe Bulwell has its hidden gems that people often take for granted or just don’t notice. The River Leen runs through Bulwell, which has a population of Water Voles on certain stretches. Bulwell Hall Park, which to me is the ‘Jewel of Bulwell’, has 2 fishing ponds. Birds such as Short Eared Owls, Barn Owls and even a Mandarin have been spotted on the park, with Common Buzzards being a common sight, and Tawny Owls being heard on a nightly basis.

Wildlife Conservation

I am also an active committee member of the Bulwell Hall Development Group. We oversee the maintenance of the park, and work with the council to make Bulwell Hall Park a better place for the public and the wildlife. My participation with the ‘Wildlife in the City’ project means I can act as a link between the Bulwell Hall Development Group and WILDLIFE IN THE CITY. My objective is to see Wildlife Conservation an ever-active process, even after the WILDLIFE IN THE CITY project finishes next year. I hope I can spearhead a project myself based solely in Bulwell, because the town really does have a diversity of wildlife and habitats which need protecting.

"Great People"

So far during my time volunteering for WILDLIFE IN THE CITY I have met some great people, with the project leader Lucy Wallington being a really big help in making me feel a welcome addition to the volunteering team. Over the last 3 months I have worked in the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Offices helping Lucy do some research on a footbridge for Bulwell Hall Park, I have done an amphibian survey in the evening using a torchlight, looked for Common Lizards on Moorbridge Pond Nature Reserve and searched for signs of Water Voles along a stretch of the River Leen in Basford while removing Himalayan Balsam along the bank of the river.

‘‘Stepping stone’’

I feel really optimistic about my time with WILDLIFE IN THE CITY and how it can help me to progress as a person but also as a keen future conservationist. I would recommend anybody to volunteer for the WILDLIFE IN THE CITY because it is fun as well as educational, and the project works in other urban areas, not just Bulwell. It is great way for people living in the city to gain access to nature which they may have never thought was there and really it is so close to home. Sometimes for young people, just like myself, it is hard to travel to a rural area to see wildlife so WILDLIFE IN THE CITY is a great stepping stone

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