Meet Willow the Fox!

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Meet Willow the Fox!
Meet Willow the Fox!

Fox Fresh

All of us at Wildlife in the City are pleased to announce the arrival of our new mascot!

Meet Willow, the cool urban fox who will be on hand to help you navigate round the website. The amicable and streetwise Mr Fox is very familiar with the wildlife we have around Nottingham and is an important member of our Wildlife in the City team.
After tough competition from many names that were emailed to us when we asked our supporters for suggestions, we were able to decide on the name Willow. We thought it was very suitable as it isn’t gender specific and is already relevant to the Wildlife Trust as it shares its name with a tree. Some of the other strong contenders which gave us quite a laugh in the office included Flick, Foxy Rocksy, and Errol Bushtail.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition, the lucky winner received a special Wildlife in the City wildlife pack for coming up with the name for our quirky mascot.
Lucy Wallington, our Wildlife in the City Project Officer said: “I’m really happy with the arrival of Mr Fox. The design turned out really well with his cheeky face and the graffiti style spots, as we really wanted an urban style to reflect this project.”

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