Makeover for Quarry Holes Reserve!

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The Urban Wildlife Volunteers tackle a section of dense overgrowth!
The Urban Wildlife Volunteers tackle a section of dense overgrowth!

If you had visited Quarry Holes Nature reserve, Cinderhill, last December - your eyes would have been met with a hive of activity.

The Wildlife in the City team, along with our trusty team of Urban Wildlife Volunteers, have transformed a 20 metre area of this beautiful reserve, clearing it of overgrown plants and trees in a bid to help new wildlife thrive.

The plan is to let more light into the nature reserve and encourage new trees and plants to grow. We hope that this will attract more wildlife to the two hectare site and prevent litter dropping.

Fantastic job

Wildlife in the City project officer Lucy Wallington hopes the work carried out will make the site even more appealing to visitors. She said: “The volunteers have done a fantastic job clearing this space, I hope that people will take the opportunity now to see all the plants, trees and animals grow and live at Quarry Holes.”

Wildlife in the City plan to return to the reserve in 2012, along with the Urban Wildlife Volunteers to tackle even more overgrown areas. In addition to this the fence running round the perimeter of Quarry Holes will be repainted to give the reserve a fresh look. Quarry Holes is cared for by Nottinghamshire wildlife Trust, and is continuously improving for both wildlife and people.

The recent plans are all part of the Wildlife in the City scheme - getting residents engaged with nature in Nottingham and enjoying the ample parks and reserves they have access to.


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