Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground is a focal point as you enter the Meadows area from the Nottingham train station end.  This green space is an incredible communuity resource, with a fascinating history including being used by sports teams through the centuries.  The recreation ground now houses a play area, sensory garden, wildflower meadow and bowls pitch as well as space for picnics and relaxing, walking and playing. There’s interesting mix of feature trees planted from all over the world, as well as lovely examples of native British trees.  Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground has been awarded the Green Flag Award 2011/2012 - officially recognised as one of the UK’s great green spaces.

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground is managed by Nottingham City Council.

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What’s happening in Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

Queen's Walk Recreation Ground map

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Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground


A kilometre long, tree lined and named after Queen Victoria, Queen's Walk is home to the recreation ground of the same name.

See if you can count the 24 different types of trees. Perhaps you’ll even be able to name them? While some are common, others are exotic. The Swedish whitebeam can grow to 12 metres high and has little white flowers on its branches; this tree is actually more usually found in Russia and Scandinavia!
Keep an eye out for the sweet gum tree which is mainly found in forests in America. As well as boasting heights of a massive 45 metres, its resin is also used in chewing gum and breath fresheners. Now you can see where it gets its name!

The area has had many uses over the years. Some of Nottingham’s most famous sports teams, including Notts County Football Club, used to call this area home, back in the 19th century. Now they’ve moved, bowling greens, play equipment and a new garden fill the space. There’s a wildflower and hay meadow right in the centre which as well as smelling lovely, will attract a wonderful range insects.

Did you know Queen's Walk Recreation Park is protected by the Inclosure Act 1845. This means it’s a guaranteed green space for the City and can’t be used to grow crops or graze animals...which may not be a problem now, but back in the 1800s it would have been prime farming land!
The pavilion also doubles up as an art gallery run by people living in the area. Keep popping back throughout the year, as the exhibitions will change regularly.

Queen's Walk Recreation Ground is managed by Nottingham City Council.

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

Cherry trees

You can't miss this line of cherry trees - especially in early spring when the blossom is beautiful. There is both wild cherry and japanese flowering cherry - see if you can tell the difference.

Image ©Nottingham City Council

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

Sensory garden

The sensory garden is a unique feature of Queen's Walk Recreation Ground.  Have a look, a smell and a listen and enjoy those things about plants you had never noticed before...

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

Wildflower garden

Enjoy the wildflower patches at Queen's Walk - this colourful display attracts many bees and butterflies in the summer months, and is an excellent addition to the park for wildlife.

Image © Nottingham City Council

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

The Pavillion - and Art Gallery

The Pavillion is a lovely space for use by local community group.

The local community also use the space as a wonderful art gallery - showcasing work of residents of local Meadows residents.  The theme routinely changes, so keep your eyes open!

Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground


Queen's Walk Recreation Ground is a short 15 minute walk from Nottingham City Centre. 

The number 48 bus (NCT Navy line) stops just by Queen's Walk.


Queen’s Walk Recreation Ground

Queen's Walk Recreation Ground Tree Trail!

Download the tree trail here!

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