Bulwell Hall Park

Sitting alongside an 18 hole golf course, Bulwell Hall Park offers a nature reserve that takes your breath away.  The mix of wildflower meadows, ancient woodland, streams, lake and other facilities, make this park an ideal place for a day out, and exciting for anyone with a taste for exploring.
Look closer though and you may catch a glimpse of nationally rare wildlife, especially in the grasslands!

Bulwell Hall Park is managed by Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Golf Club.

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What’s happening in Bulwell Hall Park



Ancient woodland and grassland work side by side at this park in Bulwell town centre.

Originally the garden of a manor house, Bulwell Hall Park hasn’t lost its impressive touch.

There’s an unusual mix of woodland, grassland and wildflowers which makes it a great place to spot rare flowers like bladder campion, dropwort and bee orchids.

Listen out for the ‘knock knock knock’ of the wonderful green and great spotted woodpeckers as buzzards and kestrels hover overhead.

The hall itself is now demolished, but through its past life it was a mansion, school for boys, an armed forces base and even an Italian prisoner of war camp. The 1000 acres of land that originally made up the estate was owned by just one man - John Newton. Now it makes up Bulwell and Hucknall and thousands of you own a much smaller patch!

For more information on Bulwell hall Park see Nottingham City Council's Parks and Open Spaces webpage

Bulwell Hall Park is managed by Nottingham City Council and the on-site golf course.

Image © Nottingham City Council

Bulwell Hall Park


Bulwell Hall Park has a golf pavillion - which is open to all, and serves hot and cold food and drinks.  There are also toilets open to all visitors.

Car Park

Car Park

There is a central car park at Bulwell Hall Park, open for both golf players and also for those who want to explore the park.

The owl of the woodland!     Orienteering at Bulwell Hall Park.

The owl of the woodland! Orienteering at Bulwell Hall Park.

Not far from the car park, in Home Wood, you may come across this magnificent creature!  This Barn Owl carved in 2011 is part of the orienteering course on the park.  Click here for the Bulwell Hall Park orienteering map.

Bulwell Hall Park

Bulwell Toy Library

Bulwell Community Toy Library is based on Bulwell Hall Park - you can see the buliding as you enter.  Bulwell Toy library run lots of activities, including outside sessions from the 'Play on the Wildside' project.  You can find out more information about Bulwell Toy Library by visiting their website.

Wildflower meadows

Wildflower meadows

It is hard to talk about Bulwell Hall Park without mentioning the wonderful wildflower meadows! Bulwell Hall Park has several meadow areas. Parts of the grassland are considered nationally rare.

A whole host of impressive flowers can be found in summer, such as the bee orchid (pictured). bladder campion, goat's beard, and it is one of the only places for dropwort in the city! 

You don't have to know what all the flowers are to enjoy them though - the splashes of colour speak for themselves, and enjoying watching the butterflies and bees that the range of flowers bring, is a great way to spend an afternoon on the wild side.

Image © Emma Wheater

Fishing lakes

Fishing lakes

Bulwell Hall Park's range of activities includes fishing lakes. These are a popular local spot, and enjoyed by many - there are some issues with litter around the lakes - if you visit, please take your waste with you.

Image © Nottingham City Council

The woodlands

The woodlands

Bulwell Hall Park has several areas of woodland - some of which is classed as 'ancient'. This means that it has been continuous woodland since 1600 - pretty impressive!

The woodlands at Bulwell Hall Park are great  to explore, from spring to early summer you will see woodland wildflowers such as dog's mercury and wild garlic. 

Image © Nova Hespera

A place to walk and relax

A place to walk and relax

There are patches of Bulwell Hall Park that make you feel like you are in the middle of the countryside, not in the city! The open grassland and single mature trees make for a picture-postcard feel. Grab a picnic and your walking boots and enjoy!

Image © Nottingham City Council

Bulwell Hall Park

Buses and access

The Localink L6 bus brings you along Sandhurst Road and enters Norwich Gardens - the entrance to the park itself.

Bulwell Hall Park

Healthy Walks

There are several suggested walking routes you can take around Bulwell Hall Park.

What better way to get healthy than walking around open green space and wildlife!

Click here for a description of the walks

New fox wood carving at Bulwell  Hall Park

New fox wood carving at Bulwell Hall Park

A sleepy fox will be the first thing to gret you now on your entrance to Bulwell Hall Park - this new wood carving is a very welcome addition to the park.

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