Broxtowe Country Park

Broxtowe Country Park is a large, 46 hectare green space, between Aspley, Broxtowe Estate and Nuthall.  It has a mix of woodland and open green spaces, as well as sports facilities.  Phoenix Adventure Centre, a busy local play centre, adjoins the park, and it’s a short walk to one of the many entrance points from the surrounding housing estates.

Broxtowe Country Park is managed by Nottingham City Council.

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What’s happening in Broxtowe Country Park



Broxtowe Country Park has got it all. It’s a large open space combining woodland, grassland and even play areas. This makes it a great place to spot many different plants, insects and birds.
Wander around the park and you’ll find the ancient woodland with wildflowers including native bluebells and Dog’s mercury. You may notice it smells a little garlicy – Ramsons, more commonly know as wild garlic, grows among the trees here as well.
If you are lucky enough, you might hear or see a Green Woodpecker amongst the trees.
The twigs will snap under your feet in the woodland, but in the meadows the soft grasses will lap around your shoes. The open large meadow is also home to many types of wild flowers and insects.
Spread over 46 hectares it’s so big, you rarely bump into anyone else. It’s one of the rare parks that really has the feeling of being in the middle of the countryside, while still being in the City.

For more information on Broxtowe Country Park, see Nottingham City Council's Parks and Open Spaces webpage.

Broxtowe Country park is managed by Nottingham City Council.

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Broxtowe Country Park

Buses to Mornington Crescent

The NCT yellow line number 72 bus goes along the whole of Mornington Crescent.  You can either get off the bus at the west end of Mornington Crescent and enter the park via Woodhouse Way, or get off in the middle of Mornington Crescent, and walk down Kew Gardens where you will find a pedestrian gate into the site.

Broxtowe Country Park

Buses to Broxtowe

The NCT turquoise line bus numbers 76, 77c and 78 all travel along Coleby Road and Westleigh Road where there are several entrances (at the end of Alwyn Road and on Westleigh Road itself).

Open grassland

Open grassland

The centre of the park opens up into an expanse of grassland.

Your eyes may be drawn across the open space to the bright red branches of dogwood trees.

Some of the grassland is kept long - this to provide habitat for ground nesting birds such as skylark.

Green woodpeckers are also drawn to the open grassland - so keep your eyes out for them!  It is where they find their favourite food... ants!

Broxtowe Country Park

Ancient boundary hedge

If you look carefully as you explore the site, you may see a hedge that looks older than all the rest - there is also a ditch visible in places.  This is an ancient boundary hedge that would have once signalled the parish boundary a long time ago!

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