Young Roots

Young Roots is an exciting initiative funded by Heritage Lottery which is enabling Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to engage with young people trhoughout the city  providing opportunities for them to be directly involved in the management of key wildlife sites and nature reserve.

Our aims are to-:

  • Deliver events and activities to involve young people and the wider community
  • Inspire and develop skills in wildlife and conservation
  • Give young people an opportunity to contribute to the Wildlife Trust core objectives through a steering group

The project is currently working with the Young Offending Team (YOT) and the Bridge Centre inclusion unit making a real difference to young peoples lives and prospects via hands on practical conservation work as well as learning valuable skills for the future.


If you would like to get involed with this project or know a group that would benenfit from this program please e mail Laura at

Partners & Funders
Partners & Funders

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