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About us

Wildlife in the City is a project run by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust designed to raise awareness of the value of urban wildlife and to inspire people to get involved with caring for wildlife sites on their doorstep .

We’re all about getting out and about, and discovering Nottingham city’s parks & green spaces, as well as improving your experience of nature on your doorstep.

The project aims to engage people in their local green spaces and wildlife.

Nottingham is fantastic for a wide range of species, and we will be shouting out about what we are lucky enough to be able to see, and good places to go and see them. 

Wildlife in the City runs lots of activities and events, volunteering opportunities, training opportunities and more.  We are also able to offer advice and support to groups in our target areas.

Wildlife in the City will be working to improve green spaces, for both wildlife and people and to encourage local residents to get involved in whatever way they can.

We work across the city but we also have specific projects such as our Young Roots & Skylarks initiatives which are focused on specific parts of the city. 

Since 2010 the Wildlife in the City project has focused activity on a range of sites including:

The Team

Jamie Shortland, Community Youth Officer (Young Roots)






Katie Last, Assistant Reserves Officer






Ruth Testa, Reserves Management Team Leader (South)





Laura Bacon, Community Development Officer





We are assisted by the staff at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Please contact the Wildlife in the City Team at wildlifeinthecity@nottswt.co.uk or use the phone and postal details above.

Thanks to our funders

Our work with young people in the City is currently supported through the Young Roots programme.

We are also working with families and young people from the Sneinton, Colwick and St Anns areas of the city as part of our Skylarks project.


Wildlife in the City was established in 2010 as an initiative between Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Nottingham City Council. The establishment of the project was funded by Natural England through Access to Nature, as part of the Big Lottery Fund's Changing Spaces programme.

Partners & Funders
Partners & Funders

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